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Posted by Anu on April 30, 2015

Zinda  hai   tu,  my  blog   ….:)  i  forget  yaar  so  easily  these  days.really.always  i   mull  that  okay   okay   will  hit  that  space.But  always  either  i  find  something   more   charming  than   you  or  kya?  you   think  that  i   left you?  divorce  type   thing….hmmm.chill.coming  soon. At   the  end   of  the  day  it   is  a matter of   writing  6-7  lines.after  that  you  know.     Wait.and  you  type….okay   leave  it….my   sophistication   and  class  often  stem  my….


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coming back process.

Posted by Anu on December 8, 2014

Can   i   write  again? How? Nothing is  forcing   me.Searching   reasons.To  force  me.Honestly   mincing   actually  its   been  so  long  since   i   did   some    kinda   prattling  here.And   its   all  about   being  in    touch    with   something  or  someone.Once   you  lose   the   touch  especially    for   a  long  time   then  it  b  comes   damn   daunting    to   continue   in  the   same   fashion.Hai  na..? You   need  to   rewind   the   time  pretty   slowly  step  by  step   to   feel  the  lost   zeal.And   i   have  already   started  that   process   of  getting   back  here.It   will  take   some  time,i m  no   gifted   kid   like  all   you  so   i   will  take   some  time.Was   away   from   here  by   choice.But  then   we  all  know  the  lasting   happiness   comes   only   from  thing   what   you  do  actively,  not  from   other  things.


Hope    this   2nd   innings  of   writing  here  will  b   better  than  the  last  7 years.Feeling   so   from   within.Within?Yes.Back   to  the   coding   world  for  now…



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Posted by Anu on November 27, 2014

You   can not   communicate   frustrated     responses   to   large   groups    of   people.Even   a  small   clan   would   b   challenging.As    you   increase    the   number   of   people   you  need   to   decrease   the   complexity   of  the  frustration.Carry   on  Chetan…Bhagat..:)

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A post after 1 year.!

Posted by Anu on July 23, 2014

After   a   good   gap  of   almost  a  year.Today   i   felt    like    that  i  must  write   something   as  usual.Lack   of   desire   or   enthusiasm   or  what?  not   an  easy   task  to  guess  but    seriously   Lucy    I   never  felt   that  i   hit  this  space.Anyway    futile   to  waste   time  in  those  stuff.All  in  all  m  pretty   pleased    and   relieved   to   find   myself   here   in  this   mood. And   milieu   here    looks   so  quite, is nt  it?  Almost   just    two   people   are  here  and   the   whole   world  is   sleeping   type.Like   when  i started   this   thing.Cool.


Lets   talk    about   the   problems    which  we   face   in  our  daily  lives.Stomach   problems?agonising  cramps   in  your  feet?Sore   throat?Common  cold?And  for    all  that   the   solution    would   b  traditional  cure.


For   several   years, whenever    i would   travel.   i would   always   suffer   from   stomach   problems.My  stomach    would   start  dancing.It   would  start    dancing    so much  that   it    would   give   a   serious   fight  to   Hrithik    roshan    combined   with    all  the   khans  together   and  all.My   journey   b comes  suddenly    an  issue   as   grave   as   you would  b   after   not  finding  me  here   for  a  long  time.Seriously.Hmm.I   would   start   looking  for   loos   in  the   most    bizarre   places    at  the    most  bizarre   times    to  find    respite    from  the    deep    round   and   round   rolling   sounds   inside   my   stomach   and    of   course   grumblings    of  my    mutinous   intestinal  tract.

After   this   lucy?  Any  guesses?  Folks   around  me   would    suggest   to  contact   all   the   specialist   doctors  about  my   problem.Different   doctors.Different   ways   of   curing   the  problem.Strange?But  one  thing   common  they   all   prescribed    powerful   high  priced   drugs.Sadly  nothing   worked.My   stomach   continued   to    dance,   this  time  more   like  a   die  hard   house wife  during   morning   hours.   The   painful  word   surgery   they   did  not  mention     but   it   loomed   ominously   on  the   horizon.

And  then,  one   cool   evening   in  janpath   market, i  chanced   upon a  probiotic  product   that   helps    you   to  restore   the   bacteria     and  get    the   digestive   process  back  on  track.I   bought    some  of    the   stuff    and  it  worked    like   a  magic.My   stomach   problem   vanished   overnight.But   Lucy  what   was  this   miracle  medicine?  Chalo   guess   karo  phir  se….  7 6  5 4   3  2 1…Nothing    but   but  common   Dahi  baba.


But  seriously   dear  its  not  about  my  stomach   problem.Its  about  how   old-fashioned     remedies    are   so   much   efficacious   cures  for   all    common  problems     than   all    fancily   packed   and   even  more   fancily   priced    pharmaceutical    products   put   together.


Medical   science   has  yet  to  find  a   solid  cure    for   the    common  cold.But   as  we    all   know  how    wise    mothers   steep      a   few   tulsi    leaves     in   damn   hot    water   to  shoo  away   the    cold.


Sore  throat? forget    those   costly    damn    addictive    cough   mixtures   with  so  much  high   alcohol   content  which  make  you   feel  dopey   and    whoozy.The   best  cure   for   a    sore    throat   is   gargling    with  hot    salt   water.

Lucy  used  to  suffer   from   agonising   cramps  in her  feet  and   legs   at  night  which  would  wake  her  from  sleep.One   doctor   told her   to  use    huge    doses    of   calcium   combined    with  vitamin D   first  thing   in  the   morning.Morning??  No  No. said   another    doctor   morning    is  all   wrong.this    medicine  should    b  taken    only   in  the   night.just   before    going  to  bed.Morning.Night. nothing   worked.The   cramps  kept  coming.Then   someone    suggested     she    should   steep   her   feet    in   hot  water  for  a   few what?  hot  water?yes  with    two  spoons   of   magnesium     sulphate  .The   cramps    vanished      as  if    a  wizard     had  waved     a  wand   to  make    them  disappear.


And    by   chance  if   you   suffer   from   insomnia(never  tell  one   will  trust   you  really) instead   wasting   time  with  sleeping    pills(  you  anyway take   so   many  a   glass  of  water  hot.what??  kidding    try   a   glass   of  hot  milk  just  before  you  got  to bed.but  then   your  timing  is   so   unpredictable   like   you     that    yopu  may  end  up   one   night    taking   milk  at  11   and   ano0ther   day  at   2;30  no?Anyway,  take   the   print  out  of  this   post  and  read   it  when  you   need.Sleep   guaranteed     with    some  hitting   dreams   in  just  20   minutes,  or   your   trust   back:)

have    fun  enjoy  always.b positive.keep  smiling.

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Posted by Anu on April 9, 2014

So  me  almost   detached  from  here.And  i  feel   for  most   folks  attaining   the  intellectual     clarity   and    emotional   detachment     that   investing   requires   is   seriously   challenging. Hmm.Detachment-Shoo.Man.I  need  to   write..:)

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What is News?!

Posted by Anu on January 23, 2014

Hmm.I guess  News   is    what   someone   somewhere    is   suppressing   something;  All   the  rest   folks    is  advertising.Hope   i  right   this   time.Anyway…Life  goes  sans   news  too.Better   actually !

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Posted by Anu on December 16, 2013

If   somebody   from  the   crowd   spits   at    you,  you   have  got  to  swallow   it.Remember,  i said-Crowd..! So  hazy   afternoon  by  the   way.Poor  sun.

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Hain??always there?

Posted by Anu on December 5, 2013

Smiling? Wow!!I  always   enjoy    jokes,  smiling, and   making   people   smile.I  may   b    a   little  different,but   that’s   OK,Who   wants    to  b    normal   anyway:D ! Will   write   something   the  moment   i   feel   like   writing   here..!Hope  soon.

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Posted by Anu on December 5, 2013

The   time   spent   between   a   cold   expectation   and  a   warm   desire   may   b stuffed   by   expectations   of   varying    degrees  of   warmth   or   by   desires  of    varying   degrees   of   coldness.

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Seven months.!and back.!

Posted by Anu on August 4, 2013

What? Kya? Wow.Thanks  a  lot.So   some   of  you  are  still   lurking   over   my  blog  expecting    something   here,  right?My  God.And   before    i   get  back   into   my   cave    and  i start   brute   forcing    some   technologies   that   little  baby (remember  that  little  baby?)  who  used   to   piss  automatically   7 years   ago   told  me  to   write  something  Babu.:)And   i need   to  b  honest –  i m  on the  verge   of    forgetting   this  thing.Writing   a   single   post   in   a  year  is  equal   to   forgetting   at  least   for  me.Hope   i  smuggle    some   drugs   from   middle  east  or   from   my  home  town   to   recharge   my   self   for   blogging.Kidding.I   will try. 

                     Should   i   commence  talking   about   something   what  is   now   completely   extinct?:Yup.Lets   forget   windows 8.1  preview  and  all  and  its  time  now   baby  to   remember   the   endangered   species   of   90s.Guess what .!  The  postman. 


         Remember  the  postman??.Chill.He  was  guy  who gave   you  the  call  letter  what  changed   your  life  and  now  you see.Same  with me,  my  journey   was  of  course   more  painful.Anyway, So he  was  the  guy-although it   may  well  have  been  a   gal  also.hai na?I   guess   the   former  postal   department  had  been  and   equal-opportunity  institution-who   flopped   letters   for  you  in  your   letter  box.Postman  or  postmen  or  in  whichever   way  you   like  to  prefer  may   b  like-santa  claus.You   do  not  find  me   normally  but   you  found   proof   that   they’d been  there  by   what   they   left  behind,  m i  right?-letters, junk mail, call letters,bills.No, its   not  always  true   that  you never saw   them.You  did  see   your  postman  once   in  a  year.On   the  dot   of   Diwali  your   darling   postman  would   turn  up   all  excitedly   on  your   doorstep  for   the   annual   Diwali  baksheesh  that   all   postmen    were   entitled  to   by  tradition.And   then   the   wicked, inhuman,  14  year  old  guy   from   the  house   would   cook  up   a   sweet   lie   like-all  my   family  members   have  gone     to  attend   the  funeral   ceremony   of  my  dada   ji   and   all  whatever   he  thinks.Very  bad. 

                 And   then  later  on   they   stopped   coming  over  the  years.Why  this   sudden  paucity   of  postmen    i   uttered   to  myself  really.And  yes  the   chilling   answer  seemed  to  b- along  with  typewriters, phone  with dials.With   the  arrival   of    internet   folks   not    only   stopped    snail  mail  correspond   to   each  other   but they   also   stopped    writing  letters  to   each  other.Instead   they   tweeted  each  other  or sent  SMSs:hw r  u? 

               Okay.So  postmen   doomed.But  what  about   all   that  call  letters, junk mails,  bills   pizza  delivery   offers?and   all   that   other  stuff?If   there   were   no   more   postmen  -because   we  stopped    writing   letters-who  was   going  to  deliver  all  the   other  mail?Once  again  the   chilling   answer   is-Couriers, a   big bevy   of   army   appeared   overnight. 


               Courier folks   are   different   than   postmen.Unlike   postmen   whom we   rarely   saw   you   see  courier   everyday.Many  of  them.When the  door bell  rings  you  know  its  the   courier   come  calling   man.But  how   do  you know  this  baba??  Another   chilling   answer  now.Because    over  the  years   experience  has   taught   us   that   couriers  all   couriers   have  this   uncanny  knack     of    hitting   the  door bell  only  when   we    are  doing  something    with    huge   concentration.For  example-doing   something  inside   the   loo    with  huge  concentration, trimming   toe  nails,  you  see  a  new  post  here….and….Ring…Ring!(what   you  read  my blog  from  the  office  still?  kyon ji?  work  first  always).It,s   the  courier. 

                Last   Diwali  the   doorbell   rang.I  was  not in the  loo.or  i  was not trimming  anything.postman?   come back   to life?It  was  was   courier  with  something  very  precious.something  close  to my heart.Wanna   know what?  In  the  next  post….Soon.We   will  meet  here  again.

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Posted by Anu on July 31, 2013

Beware   of    someone    who  is    very  slow  to  anger:  for  when  it   is   long   coming, it   is   the  stronger  when  it   comes  yup  and   longer   the  kept.Horrible   thing.Abused   patience   turns    to   fury.Okay?Kidding !  enjoy…! 

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Posted by Anu on June 9, 2013

It’s  seriously   quite  flattering   when   we   peek   into   the  crowd owd   and   folks  have   made   a  sincere  effort    and   dressed  themselves   in    your  own   style.Childish….i   guess.

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Parley in august ..See u…

Posted by Anu on February 22, 2013

Wanted   to   write  here  for  sometime.But  i   failed   to   b   in  that  groove when  i   would  sit   and   start  typing.Lost  in   some  other  important   things  till  July.Come  August.     i   will  b back  here.   And   m  going   on  exile  till  july.So  a  bit  of  flashback  is  vital.History? Chemistry  first.History later.Always. Got   my  point? You  always  get  the  point.And  i  surrender  then.Poor me.


Anyway,    and   its   been  almost   eight  years   of   my  blogging  tenure.I  had  started this  thing  in  the   era  when  Rani   kapur   was  flirting  with  Vivek(forgot surname)    in  the  movie  Saathiyan,Yes  that  time  i  thought  of   blogging.Long  time back.

By  the  way,  Rani   mukherji    sahi  naam  hai  na?. and including  my  previous  blogs its  been  eight  years  man.And  to  b  honest  I never  mulled   that  i  would  b typing  here  in 2013  also.But  then   here   i m.All  lost.Fused   with   all  advance   technologies.From  Networking  to  Programming.Everything. Updating  IT  skills   or   running  away  from  all  of  you?:D Kidding.Or is  it  an  excuse  only?.May  b  or  may not b.


But  being  a  caring   soul  what  i m.  i   thought  to   flop   this   tiny   post  so  my   regular   blog  readers   will    have   pretty  good  sound  sleep  for   the  next   5  months.Knowing  the   truth  that ok  he   is  all  lost  and  all.Actually, Caring   i m, hai na?.Look,  i have  not   changed  at  all.

Ergo.  I m  going now.   Can  i   move  on from here  now? And  i   will  b  back  here with  a  gift.Keep  guessing  about  the  gift  till  i  hit  this  blog  again.Take care.keep  smiling.Stop  thinking.True  well  wishers  will always  b  around  you.Trust  me.So   wait   for   the   Parley  in   August.And  like  a  sober  reader   pardon  me   for  the   grammatical  errors:P

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Posted by Anu on February 21, 2013

Old   age   comes   suddenly,  we  hardly  notice  before   and  not   gradually  as  is   thought.Take   your  time   you   will   feel  it.I m  feeling.

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Spicy hai na….?

Posted by Anu on December 28, 2012

Seriously    now  a days   the   way   bad   tidings   gets  published  in the  newspapers,it makes  me  to  dodder   into  a  sick  state  of  mind  mulling   like  all  that  is   going  on   in  the    country  is  rape,murder,wife-beating,midnight  brawls  and  everything.The   routine   stuff   of   terrible   stories   is   damn   enough  to  push  a  ”meeethi   papa”  to   hobble   from   his   dining   table   leaving   the   hot   gobi   ka   parantha   untouched   regardless   of   the   strict   order   from   the  female   folks  to finish  the  dinner first then  you  can vomit on  your  blog  and  of   course   despite   his  terrible   English   grammar  :).See, i  still  remember  my  limitations,right?Nothing  i   learnt   in the  last   ‘six years’.

Anyway   but   such    sadness  is  totally    fortuitous  the  reason   is   we   live  around   the  people    those  who   take  all  such  things  as  a  daily  routine  stuff.We   shun   visiting  malls   once   it   gets  dark   especially   with   ladies,who  the lady  is   with  you  that  is not  important  the  thing is  you  make it  a  habit  to  roam  alone  if  you  want  happy  life.Never  board   an  auto  or  bus  not  even   by mistake,are  you  harking?.And  the  list  is  endless.


Now   coming   to  the  newspaper  thing.Every   editor(you  can think of me too)  thinks   that  it   is    his   sincere   duty  to    give us    a  taste  of   hell  before actually   they   get  there.Almost  every  evening, the  editorial  people   meet  with   great  excitement     to   figure out    what   actually   would   go  into  the  next day’s   edition.The   conversation    proceed  along     the   following  lines:

The  editor  says, ” what   have  you  got  today? Anything  spicy’?

A  female   reporter   blurts  out   angrily  :”I  have   a  very  interesting  story  Sir.(sir? come on  just  Jha  is  enough).Two   young  Indian  females   from  the   very  small  town  have   scaled   Mt  everest.Such  heroic    feat  can  inspire millions   of    young  minds”.

The  editor  gets    emotional  here  the  moment  he  heard  that   the  females  are   from  very  small.his  dead  feelings  slowly  slowly   started   swirling   inside  of  him(shunning  the  call  he  is  getting   from  his   wifey  at  the  same  time).

The   editor   chuckles  shyly, “yes  this  is  something  gripping.full  of   trust.dedication.honesty  with   your  dream.unmatchable  passion.listen, just  talk  to  those females  and  find  out   what   kind  of    books    they read”.


Another  reporter   barks  loudly,”Mr Jha,  what  about  this?” A  software developer   living   in  west   Delhi    just  threw   his    wifey    out  of  his  bedroom  window  in    the  mid  night  and  his    wifey   landed   on her   father’s   nano car.Folks   took  her   to  the  near by hospital, where   a   female   doctor  operated   and  forgot   the   scissor  inside  her   stomach”.


The  editor  first  smiles, walks  slowly  slowly   towards  the  window  and turns  back  angrily  and  says:”  he  a  man? are  you mad? this  kinda   stuff   will   ruin the   impression   of  my  newspaper  among  my loved  ones.i m running  this  for  charity  not   for  a  NPR.And   what   kind of   anger  can make  a man to throw   his  wifey  out  of  the  window?get  in  touch   with   that female doctor  and  find   out  whether  she  is   going   to   include    the  cost     of  the  scissor  in  the   patient’s  bill”. The  editor  lights  another  gold  flake  now.


Another  reporter  now,” Uncle,  i have   one   very  heart touching  story.  A   brilliant  man   from   India   proved   that   the   newton’s   second   law  of  motion   was wrong.He  spent  long   7 years   to  prove it.”


The  editor  is not  at  all  impressed,” What bullshit.are  you sick?Who is uncle  here??  do  you  want  your job?There is   so much   spicy in  life   around  all  of  us.we have  no  time  to  enjoy  it.why  peter out  time   our  precious  in    something   what  happened   centuries  ago? live  in the   moment.


So  this  is the  nature  of  editors  job.good news,  bad news all  together.and  all  are  important.Just  enjoy  reading  the  post…and   have  a  l;ovely  2013  to  of  you  from  “Meeethi papa”!

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As usual problem of title…!

Posted by Anu on October 8, 2012

Well,  the  horror   of  recession   might   hit  us   once again,  what? chill   yaar  i  do not  say  nor i care  just  read  somewhere,the  volatile   stock  market   looks  pretty  blighted    and   the   string   of   scams   rain    all   the   newspapers.Where  is   substring?And  Days    are    long  and   mildly   hot   and   enervating.And  yup   it does  not  help   that    i m   feeling  an  intense   desire   to  write  here.But,  madam,sir  too,( do not  worry  much  i care  about  equality  always  especially  when  i   write)  am i   glad  to  b  back   in  time  in  my  as  usual  avatar  to   witness   the   pyrrhic   victory    post.Which  victory?No  way.But   anyway, I m  here  because  i  need  to  lighten  up  my head a  bit.I  pondered   over  other  things  to write  here  as  usual, ever lasting  problem i guess.To enjoy  my  weekend, stuffed   my  heavy  and  brain-damaging   programming  books  at   the   most  isolated  place   of  my  house   and   no  spyware  and   the   detective  agency   folks   can   figure  it  out  easily   that’s   for  sure. Peace.But  i  enjoy  coding  a  lot.Surprising…eh?Secret  hai  ye  sab.

And   the  perfect  weekend   setting    would   b  nothing   without   fishes   in   the   Jha   Family.So  not   talking   about  it   on  my  blog  that  too  on  Sunday evening  would   b  an   insult  to   the  entire   Fish   community. To  try  getting  into   a   true   Sunday    feeling, me    in  the  morning   today  started   hunting    for   Fishes, its  not  like   i  do not   from where  i  can get  it  but  still  sometimes strolling    an   extra   mile   for   something   you  love  so  much  often   gives   an  amazing    inner   satisfaction    i  guess.Provided   you  get  it   in   the   end.Getting   my  point?

The  different  versions   of     fishes  and   their   grossly   strange   names  of  course   there  are   some   familiar   names, but   you  when  have   sea   of   options  its  natural  to  look   for  the best.And   confusion  starts  again.Hearing    my   childhood    plight   yes   confusion,so  many  good  colleges  with  computer  science  what  to do?years  passed.Back to 2012, i     dialed   the   number   at  home    and  the  ladies   department   picked   up   the  call  and   another problem, ‘aree  papa  ko phone  do  yaar’,   this  six   words  by  me    was   enough    for  them  to  pass  the    cell.A  total  fish  addict  what  my father  is  so  i m and  so   the  entire  family.He  said   something,  some  names,  i  shunned  the   toughest    name   of  the  fish   for   pronunciation   problem, chosed  the  easiest  one  and  bought  that.Fine.Okay.I m not   going  to  talk  the  making  process, after  all  I m  a  man yaar:P

But  i  must  i   like  fish  a  lot.And  as  its  clearly   in my genes,  i cant  help  it.  There  are  other  things   also  in my genes. stuff   you  inherit   from   ancestors   from  family.Back  to fish  again.It makes   me  to  feel  good  to  look  at  fishes.The  fish  itself  is  not  bad  looking- a  bit  on  the  plump  side    but  with  golden, glowing  skin, Ummmm.Since   the  entire  Jha  family  is   together, i have  overdosed  on it.I m   repeatedly   told  by  older   folks  not   to   eat  so much  lest   it  might  play   havoc   with   my  stomach.But  seriously  yaar  the  fish   thing  has  been   the  bedrock  of  my  breakfast,   my  supper  my   dinner  all the   time   followed   by  vanilla  ice  cream:)  and  often  a   7pm  snack, which  i  consume  surreptitiously, finally reaching  a  meditative   state.

How   can   you  forget   not   to   talk  about    those   tiny  cute  looking fishes   inside  the   aquarium.Do  not  worry  i  do  not  eat  them,Soft  man  i m  for  cute  good  looking  things.agree?And   this  aquarium  fishes  have  varieties   like   discus, heckel  discus   and many  more  and   for   further  explanation   i  need   to   get  in  touch   with   my  sisters , they  know  better.


Anyway   yaaron ,  now  the   fishes   have   gotten  digested   properly,just a  loud  burp  happened  while  writing   this  post..and   the  fish  family  has   adjusted   well   with   the  Jha   family.No  worries.burp to aise  hi hote  rahte  hain  hai na?Better  i  forget  my  stomach  havoc  and  all  and   think  now   to   use   the  remaining   time  of  the  Sunday  in  cleaning  up  my house. and   enter   into   the  drawing  room  where  all  are  watching  the  match.For  a   start…pehle    chai  pi  lon mein….!

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Posted by Anu on August 25, 2012

Some  folks  plant  in  the   spring   and    leave    in  the    summer.If    you    are    signed    up   only   for   a   season, see   it    through    my   dear.You    do   not    have   to  stay    for   ever.No body   stays   here   forever.But   stay   at   least    there    until    you   see    it     through  please!

By  the   way   it’s    time   now   for    a   hot   mug  of    coffeee:P

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Posted by Anu on August 2, 2012

It   would    have  been   easier  to  have   a   female   protagonist, but  I   did  not  want    folks   to   assume    that   Anupam   Jha  is    me   in   his   entirety  because  a  lot  of   folks   just   do  not  like   me  and   I   do not   think  they  would  be   inclined  to  read    about   me   even   in  fictional   context..!

What  happened? Where  are   bullies? ha ha!!

@Didi, if   you  read   this   then   have  a  wonderful   rakhi   to   you.Keep  smiling..!

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keep smiling…always..!

Posted by Anu on July 23, 2012

Operationally, God   has  started  to   recognize  not  a  ruler, not  a   boring  you,  but   the    last     fading     smile   of     a  cosmic    Cheshire   Cat..!Oh  the   summer   evening, has   smile  of  light, and  She   sits   on  a   sapphire   throne..!

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Hackers or Security?

Posted by Anu on July 21, 2012

I  do not   hate   technology  nor    I   hate   hackers  because   that’s   just    what   comes    with   it,  without   those   cute   hackers  I   would not    solve   the  problems  I  need   to   solve,  especially   “security”.  Happy  Weekend.

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Posted by Anu on July 19, 2012

Never  make   fun of   any one   who  speaks   or  writes   broken   English.It means   they  know   another   language!

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Posted by Anu on July 19, 2012

You   opted  out  of  the   RAT  race   long  time  back.And  now   you  are  a   CAT.   Impeccable   collection of  quotes:)

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Posted by Anu on July 19, 2012

Do not   play  for   safety:  You  are   on  the   right  track.Fear. It  is  the   foundation  of    safety!  I   do not   mean  you  can  continue   to  do   this    with  propriety or  even   with   safety:I merely    assert   that   the   power  is,  in  point  of   fact,in  your  hands, always  around   you:P

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Time pass..

Posted by Anu on July 10, 2012

Software    is     like   entropy.It   is   not  easy    to  fathom,weighs  nothing,  and   obeys   the  second   law  of    thermodynamics, it  means,  it  often   increases.

/* You  are   expected   to  fathom  this*/


You   think   you   know   when  you  learn,are  more   confident   when  you   can  write, even   more    when   you  can   teach,but   damn   certain    when   you  can   Program!

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Posted by Anu on July 10, 2012

Sometimes  it  is    better   dear   to  commence    the   journey,  to  get  under  way,  then   it  is   to  sit  back, looking  at   each   other   and   wait    until   such    time  that   you    are    totally    convinced  that   all    conditions    just   perfect  and   that    there   will   b  no    surprises  again   along    the    route!

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Posted by Anu on July 9, 2012

They  say    the   world   has     super   good   sense  of  humor.That    some   times even   having     your   ‘Dreams  Come   true’   can    feel    like   a   nightmare.Because   getting    what  you   want  always   come   with  strings   attached:

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Posted by Anu on July 8, 2012

Getting    swayed    by  what   you read    on  the   web   is   not  always  a   good  thing, unless   you   have    nothing  to  do!And    i have  noticed   often   that   lot of   us    quite   easily    get    charmed  or   vexed    by    anything   written   is   some  times   just   an   advertisements, sometimes   someone’s personal    opinion,  sometimes    things   written    only   to   exert   influence  on  some   particular   people.Though   personally   i  often   get   amused   by whatever    i  see   on  the   internet.It  is   for  me   really  funny   to   find   people   those    who   would   so   easily   get   INFLUENCED. It  is   like   a   mere   few   lines    controlling     your  entire  self.How  is   it   possible?  Are   you   so   drained   emotionally or  emptied  headed ??May b.A   long  topic   but   i   will   write   in detail   later  on.I m   talking   about   negative    influences.There   are   some   positive   stuff  too   i  see!When   i get   time   one  day,  i    will   write   on  this   topic   with   all  the  facts  and   proofs    i have   found   on  the   web   which   has    forced   people   to  behave   like –  what  actually   they  are  not!It  is   high time  not    to   get   influenced   easily   please.


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Posted by Anu on July 7, 2012

I   fancy    this   one…

”  When   i  play    with    my  cat, how   do  i    fathom   that  she   is   not    passing   the   time   with  me   rather    than  I    with   her?”  Yup,   I   already   know   the  answer, but   mulled     it    was   cute:)!


Enjoy….your  time…m there   just   watch   behind   you:)!

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Intellectual & intelligence…

Posted by Anu on July 7, 2012

An   intellectual   is    a    person( it  could   b  anyone)   who   has    found   something   far  more   exciting   and    satisfying   than  sex.


If   there   are   no   stupid   questions,   than   what   sort   of   questions  do   stupid   people   ask?  Do   they  feel   superior     just   in   time   to   ask   questions?

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Posted by Anu on June 23, 2012

An  act   of  goodness   is   of  itself    an  act   of  happiness.No  amount   of  reward   coming   after   the   event    can    match   with    the   sweet   reward    that   went    with   it!

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Happy republic day

Posted by Anu on January 26, 2011

First they ignore you,then they laugh at you,then they fight with you,then you win-Mahatma Gandhi.

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Posted by Anu on January 25, 2011

Just to tell you that when everyone around me is rushing ahead in life…thanks for pausing here and giving a thought for me.Your presence has such a positive influence on me.i admire you!

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Posted by Anu on January 25, 2011

A good story tells us the truth about its hero.But a bad story tells us the truth of an author!


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Posted by Anu on January 21, 2011

Behind every successful man there is a woman,behind ‘her’ is his wife!

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Posted by Anu on January 21, 2011

Every man wants a wife who is beautiful,understanding,economical,and a good cook.But the law allows only one wife:)

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Posted by Anu on January 17, 2011

You have never run into a guy who could win at the top level in anything today and didnt have the right attitude,didnt give it everything he had,at least while he was trying to do it;wasnt prepared and didnt have the whole program work out!

~~~:- Funny is an attitude!

@Jukebox:- Poochho na poochho hua hai kya muze teri baton mein aake.aadha hissa meri kahani ka tuuu:)ye ishq haye baithee bithaee jannat dikhaye:)

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Poor She

Posted by Anu on January 14, 2011

I was totally flummoxed.Not only did the cat show us with no script,no story,and totally no idea of one scene to the next.She would nt let us see rushes.I didnt even know how I read.She would stand in front of the camera.There would b video people and reporters around her,and she would actually block the screen so i couldnt see it.I filmed her blocking the screen, so i couldnt see it!

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Posted by Anu on January 8, 2011

True woman prefers emotions to reasoning! There are always exceptions!

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nt satisfied yet!

Posted by Anu on January 7, 2011

Politics later, life first.Its been nt ages for sure i know,i have been inserting one liners here instead as usual posts.Blame it on my busy work life plus the first draft of my life or Veena Mallik in the Big boss seriously, and i was hoping from the God Ji to lend me some time for blogging.Although while hitting ms-word for my draft i came here time to time,played hide-seek games with some of you.Interpolated stuff, wrote about some lame excuses, something like this-‘ something irks me or my Bobby darling slapped me publicly or anything you want to think’.But trust me all these things would never dare to take me away from here.Guaranteed.Except one thing.My first draft.Started working over time at the office, and more than my work during over time,i spend time writing about things happened long time back with me.Gave series of creative writing tests in the last 6 months.While my Boss thinks that i have b come the sort of serious employee who would nt mind sitting 14 hours non-stop(what if my Bobby darling smses me,’come soon?’), i m busy mulling over the color of Richa’s dupatta(novel demands, sorry bobby darling).And to b honest,i m happy that i have reached a stage in my life from where i seriously dnt need to look back at all.It doesnt mean, that i would forget about some unconditional help i got from the readers of my blog. Though me greedy Boss,expecting more,huh.

Any form of writing aint easy at all seriously.More importantly,it affects your daily life at times,when my mother shouts this,’can you please tell me about that black coat’.I shut down the windows,trudge towards my bedroom,gaze on the cover of the latest edition of India today,look at her face,chuckle for a while,stupid me, she can not resist my numbness now and tells me to stop being kind to strangers and so on.I m still lost in my draft,it takes time to get over from beautiful past,especially when you are writing it.And i tell this-mummy coat is safe,in Rohini at my sister’s place:)So if your writing makes you a little uneasy,dnt worry,its temporary my Boss.b happy.

Its like writing a post,the difference is, here i dnt worry about grammar much but for the draft i really worry.Else no difference for me.What ever we write,we write first for our own self then for others.And the immense ‘satisfaction’ which no amount of bank balance can give you at all.Going down the memory lane,recalling those times when i had only two loves.One, maths,second, cricket.How life has changed in the last 13 years.Muzaffarpur,you may say what a shit place it is, no electricity,dirty roads, bakwass place to live in,but to me,if God Ji gives me an option to choose between Miami and Muzaffarpur i would say-Arreee chill yaaar MFP plz.!!! A lot of incidents from there i m stuffing in my draft. We are shaped and fashioned by what we love at the end of the day!

chalo its 11;30pm perky delhi milieu is troubling me now to write more! Editing is goin on. Of course i m nt satisfied the way i wrote more so with the content.Things actually what i wanted to b in starting,appearing now in the end and so on.Its tough.Tougher than any other exams i have faced till now.But then if you want to see the rainbow you have to bear the rain my Bobby Darling! See the title:)

@Jukebox:-jab koi baat bigad jaye jab koi muskil pad jaye….tum dena saath mera oo humnawa…!

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Posted by Anu on January 4, 2011

Do not mull over what other people are mulling about you.They are damn busy worrying over what you are mulling about them!

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Bg thing

Posted by Anu on January 1, 2011

Everything i guess have to do with your background has some influence on how you tell stories but its hard to parse how growing up in a very small town really affected it!

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my white fat cat

Posted by Anu on December 15, 2010

Lets talk about cats today.In hindi billi.How they behave,from sitting on your couch to swiftly springing herself on to the floor and then like a bullet from the barrel reaches under your dining table,soundlessly, eyeing on the most coveted healthy diet in any household of the world,milk,unless you notice her while she is busy finishing the pot.And then i romantically move towards her,whispering, meow, meow aja aja na, but yet scared what if she flings herself on me or out of downright urgency from her side to escape the hit from me through the broom she drops the pot in d middle and passes through the space between my legs.Damn scary.But all in all i find them cute.And luckily i never got chased by cats.Except one.Fat white cat looks cute.And these days i m playing with a white cat.cute she is.Fat too.

There are so many reasons for a cat to behave aggressively.And the white fat cat at my house has been going through some pain.It could b mainly due to ‘toothache’ or because she has hurt herself in a fight.She fights too much.huh.Other reason of appearing aggressive could b aging too.Which tremendously affects her hearing and vision abilities and makes the cat as uneasy as me writing my novel,checking grammar part seriously man.

So many times there is a drastic change you find in their sleeping patterns of the cats.Mine white fat cat has been waking up these days at 2am.Worse still she starts shouting here and there and then i come up,pick her gently and places her near my cheeks,of course afraid once again what if she scratches my soft cheeks.huh.naughty she is.huh.

And this waking up at midnight might b due to some fear and pain(toothache?) or to get attention from me at midnight she starts vocalizing.If this continues for many days it means you need to correct it.So i m correcting it by writing here seriously.

I try to get her to sleep by soflty roaming my fingers on her soft soft fur and being with her so she is relaxed and chill always happy too.Also very vital for me to hold my anger under control as much as possible.I never show now that her unnecessary vocalizing irks me else she uses it as her most loved weapon to get my attention that too in the late wonder now after so much of irritating times what she gives i still want to keep her at my home as long as possible.But soon my ‘wife’ will arrive now.God knows how she will treat her.will she throw her? Oye Sohniye.plz dnt throw her out of the house.

Though me so busy i rarely get time to spend time with her.But in dreams i imagine her,walking in to the park with me on a hazy saturday morning.She loves munching on a blade of grass.Is she turning vegetarian,i dnt wonder.she has been highly unpredictable all these years serioously(spelling mistake yaar).I guess all animals have this instinct to protect them selves and take care of their health.Toothache also.

My white ‘fat’ cat eats grass a lot.It helps her to keep her digestive system chill.Dnt cut in with what the ‘cat’ is doing.They get irritated very easily.God.

But if you notice that your cat has started to b more and more often sick then take it to the vet.I m goin there only.Meooww:)

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Good to b here

Posted by Anu on December 10, 2010

I have not posted a normal blog entry here for ages,almost four months.I have been quite active somewhere else. Although you see nano sized some posts here.When i like all of you also prefer a ride on BMW.What i have missed here.Writing a post means riding on a BMW. And who doesnt like to ride on a BMW?Raise your hands!

In the days to come,from this month only i would try to write something different here.Of course mylife but along with it some different topics too.Politics mainly.And i wont bore anyone of you by writing that messy topic i guess.

Time to withdraw from certain things have come ‘now’.I need to concentrate on ‘serious’ issues here also and so in my life.

And dear readers dnt chew nails polish it, keep cleaning, dirts are nt good for health.Getting late for office! See you soon!

@Gals(readers), The softer your comments, it is easier to moderate.Sniff!

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Third teeth of wisdom is here nt there dear:)

Posted by Anu on December 8, 2010

‘Women have an unfair advantage over men:if they cant ‘get’ what they ‘want’ by being ‘smart’ they can get it by being ‘dumb’!’

See the category below jaan! Guys take it easy and gals chew nails!
Adding one more through my head what i left yesterday night while i was playing with my little dictionary seriously.So here goes dear exclusively for U:-
“Dnt you mull that your life has been highly predisposed only through 140 characters?”

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coming wait(good news is coming)

Posted by Anu on November 25, 2010

Really, i m snapping away from here as life progresses, and dnt knw i seriously man, whether its something like ‘bloggingly handicapped’ or some serious dent inside my head what irks me to come back and write here!

Reason i splashed in the last post is as true as Bihari people’s unflinching trust in Shri Nitish Kumar.Okay?But still if you want to c me like before here,i need time to clean up the dirts got accumulated here on my blog how you know.Nitish Kumar needed 5 years to win the trust of his people,i need another 5 months to sweep the trust of some people what they have shown in me seriously woman!

After being declared as the most “caring son” in the entire Jha family(in which there are guys,visiting NDTV,Times Now, taking care of New york stock exchange and abb kya likhon, haan famous wrriters too) is something i would certainly feel proud of really! Great that i got this chance,happy i m.chalo will try to come back with a post as long as your choti meri jaan! But what if i would have been studying marketing at Melbourne Business school flunking my exams and then i would have started a pizza shop there and so on.m laughing wait..:)

On the jukebox:-mausam hai mastana dil bhi dewana!

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a post is coming

Posted by Anu on October 9, 2010

Aley aley aley.Blog hai mein kalunga na.Writer Ji.:)chalo m getting busy with work and mainly with my family after a long time i m with them(oh earlier i was in Tihar Jail).Believe me.And before anyone gets heart broken,by nt seeing me here for a long time,i promise, that i would b back and i would help him/her to reach Apollo, Fortis and kitne saare hospital hain yaarooonn as soon as possible.So just chill.

The moment i get time or i feel bored from my life.i wll come back here.For now its great,i see my blog n i titter and my mother asks:-‘kya hai yahan pe’? And i turn my neck,again titter a bit more than the earlier one and say:-mummy i was alone earlier,so in free time i did this thing,just time pass’.Ok, So no more pages from me now why i dnt get time to write.But i promise that i wll try!

lets check whats up now in d match!

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blog minus july

Posted by Anu on August 8, 2010

Yes its been exactly two months since i danced words here.And over the last two months what is responsible for this long break is nt something like-oh you know i was busy,eating all the technical fundas spewed on me by my operation manager or sauna belt(note karo kitna serious hoon main regarding my figure)which i bought after my sisters warned me this-‘bantu do something now,else Messi will kick you soon’ or i was helping my sonam kapur(kapur girls are brave man!) to study well in abroad(australians r like dog).Coming to the point,let me b a bit honest,now, busy i was with …what?huh.why would i write that on my blog.Arree arre aap log to bass ander hi ghoos jate ho blog ke.

Jokes apart serious now really…i tried to come back and i do cotton on how you feel when you dnt find anything on your favorite blogger’s blog for two months,but we have learnt or if nt learnt then at least we keep up our heart beats as normal as me watching the last scene of a romantic comedy. we try, i know, giving time to the author to get peace and write.But at times we do get vexed, badi bhav khaati hai kalmoohi.Writers need peace of mind to write.But oye nt in my case i m nt a writer yaar,by the way i need only songs.

These days there two things which i have been loving.One is Ghee another one is waether in Delhi.Lets first hit about the Ghee thing.I guess you people cotton on what Ghee is, if nt then sms me anytime(nt after 11 in night nt before 7pm).

Back to Ghee.As i perch my butt on the couch,folding the right sleeves,took one loud burp,descrying fried bhindis,aaloo(love aalo too much),slightly burnt gobi,we Biharis prefer variety when we eat(someone told me sometime back this-‘bihari log bahut khatee hain,next weekend i took her to pizza hut forced her to eat 3 pizzas she is suffering from serious stomach problem dnt take this sort of pangas with me plz,i do take revenge always remember may b when you forget)Kidding dude.So while i descry all these,mummy comes up with a bowl half filled with hot hot ghee and pours on the rice.It crawls as slowly as a woman in her 8th month of pregnancy,spattering on the plate,me out of my childish habits,without waiting it to get melt fully.I start doodling my fingers like a crazy dog eating a piece of meat,it is when mummy warns me to wait for 2mins,like we saw in the maggi ad,i look at the half naked lindsay lohan in the TOI.And this Ghee thing has been a routine for the last 4 months.No wonder i need sauna belt and before kids call me uncle or half daddy(adha baap)i m serious about my looks.abhi photo lagata hoon mein.

Okay now come back to milieu here.Walking in the rain,getting drenched,taking out a packet of cigarette from the back pocket,lighting it only when i see a beautiful woman,and hurling the smoke just in front of her nose.These things are in my veins seriously sister log(kitna badmaash hoon mein).Though the last mentioned thing now i have stopped doing but i enjoy rain a lot. And this time here in delhi,its been raining on a regular basis.Its like i m in the car going for shopping to cp and in the middle,dark clouds blanket the blue sky, as soon as it starts showering,i feel the smell coming from the dusts,i request the driver-bhaiya aap muze yahi chhod baad mein kar longa::)and i did this last weekend.Sorry Sohniye.

Let me now spit gutka and i guess i need to take my lunch,no bath today and i wll watch my Sonam Kapur on line on gmail::)

@Jiya(maggi),If you read this then happy married life to you:)! Good friends are like stars…may b far away from you,you dnt get the chance to see them always:) but you know they are there always:) So cheer up and enjoy life ahead!

My darling readers above lines are nt goin to create any Tsunami or Katrina in my life…its just a plain wish to a close friend,who eventually cheated thousands from my wallet.Silly.Kidding!I will b back soon!

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Baba title kya karon mein??

Posted by Anu on June 8, 2010

Do you remember that sight when two bewitching females pitching words on each other, after, one of them has discovered that the guy with whom she had thought to tie the knot(or still mulling) has been playing eye to eye game with one of her best friends?And then instead asking anything from the culprit, out of the fear of losing him forever.She charges her battery of ego and starts washing the layer of insidious vapour laying on in front of her eyes by accusing her best friend.Sigh man.

And before all of you spend your time pondering over who the guy is,i for the sake of my own personal beautiful life would declare that i m nt that guy.So just chill,take a sip of bru instant coffee which you have nt taken after reading the above lines.But i tell you such things are so common more than your dimples when you laugh.

Last weekend while watching bindaas tv(uuiii maa mein bhi dekhon gi) my eyes got stuck on a serial about which i heard in the past but never watched.Oh mein samajh gayi,one of you would shout m yakking about ’emotional attyachar’.Anyways, why such serials are flashing so openly?Where the anchor invites a guy or gal to check loyality of his/her partner. i m lost.really.are they in love?If yes then please call a mental doctor my rock solid belief in this thing and most importantly my years hard work of understanding a female’s romantic side in which i m damn good,believe me,whooooaaaa, would get tarnished what i dnt want till my last breathe.Jaaago shy girls please.Leave this crap topic for marketing people.

Back to life.The sharpness of a knife after hotting it for 10mins would b lesser than the sort of words i m bearing these days from my mummy.I mean,i walk up to the kitchen,she watches my steps,i dress up for office,she orders,’ dnt forget to spray perfume’,i come back,enter into the bedroom like a boss and the moment i put aside the silky curtain and my shoe touches the creamy marveled floor,she shouts’ ‘ what happened to you, you forgot all the disciplines you had before leaving home’.God, m i nt what i was?But good for me.So you see how nonchalant i have b come.B clean and keep things around you more clean than you are.thats the message for all of us.else who knws may b one day my mother would put me inside that polythene bag which carries stuff as useless as me for my writing dreams(pat me, abbbe kar na bronte) and she tells the kachra picker to lift the bag carefully b coz it carries one big dead rat(given my height,rat is the only option).

And in the last post i mentioned about Maggi and i wrote something what has b come an earth-shattering issue for some of you.My dear ones,trust me,sometimes you write only b coz you dnt have that thing,b coz a foggy sight of a life demands a little bit of fun to see the life more clearly.B funny and write! Writing looks easy then.And before maggi would kill me(confused ho gaye na) with a line which always starts from-u motuuuuuuuuu.i guess i should stop now.I have no plans to b inside the polythene bag that too before marriage.Mummy is calling..its dinner time folks see u.good night, sleep tight!

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Enter title here

Posted by Anu on May 12, 2010

The frequency of me writing posts here has been mounting for the last one month,and before India would lose another match and then i would start firing words on my father about Dhoni and his leadership skills, i thought better i invigorate my mood by interpolating words here.Sahi kiya na? Abbee bol na.

Seriously sister, what has happened to Dhoni i dnt know,if you know,let me know by inserting a comment really.I mean,its like,you know all the answers of all the questions yet you want to flunk your exams.And the most startling aspect of the last two matches is even after winning the toss,calling the opposition to bat first.Though i didnt watch the last match with west indies from the starting.I was on my way from Noida to Vasant Kunj, and when i glued my eyes on TV, and came to know that again after winning the toss,Dhoni has invited the opposition,then i wanted to have an iron rod in my right hand to bash his forehead,seriously.Being positive always has always been my forte you know so m chomping this frustration and m wishing today with sri lanka he will nt repeat the same.Else i would replace Nasser Hussain in the post match presentation today and instead asking anything about match i would ask to Dhoni this:-‘abbee kaha rahta hai,Marijuana marta hai kya’! Gals,if you dnt know what this Marijuana thing is-let me explain in one line-‘it takes you to the world of illusions:)’.Dnt try.

And sometime back i was at my sisters place after a gap 3 years despite being in Delhi,i didnt meet her.And i was like-‘oh you know,i was so busy meeting with clients from Australia,Britain and Somalia,or i was so occupied with my coochie coochie female friends,fishing with them in the bag of my stupid emotions all the time,or whatever.But i realised,when i faced her,that they are the people who forgive me always,without hiring a spy behind me.chill yaar.By the way,i gifted her a beautiful sari which costs around 3k,nt lying yaar(those who mull that m showing off,please shut your eyes).The talk what started from ‘you so lost in your world’ ended with her hand on my head with a smile affectionate enough to make all affection-driven bollywood movies a shit and she said this:-time has come,find a girl! Sisters are important.we normally dnt realise how precious they are .talking about wives,girl friends all the time, but sisters are best friends.Uiiii maaaa,getting emotional.

And now kuch coochie coochie baatein ho jaye.i some time back got in touch with Maggi(blast ho gaya ji). Normally when i talk to someone after a gap especially with those with whom i had shared my pin card number,i react like-‘oyeee uu kalmohi it ne din baad’.But this time i acted like a shah rukh is meeting a kajol in KKHH after years of separation.When the number is unkown on my cell is twinkling like a cawing crow, usually i dnt pick,so when i saw her number which was unknown for me,i thought who the shit is man that too when i m busy cooking chicken with my mummy in the kitchen.But she insisted to me to pick and attend calls and like a clueless back bencher writing his digital electronics paper i swaggered up to the dining table and picked the call and then:-

Me:-yes who is this( a girls voice is always dangerous when you are looking for a match)

she:-can i talk to Anupam?

Asking from Anupam about Anupam?!why do these gals prefer to b a saint when they know i m nt.huh.I was mulling,who is this,do i know her,for the last 3 years,only 3-4 females are, with whom i have been talking on phone.who is this?

Me;-yes Anupam is speaking,who r u?(knowing my mother is just 1m meter away ,i kept my tone as low as Sameera reddy’s skirt)

She:-how r u n all?

why on earth someone would b interested in asking about ‘all’?She must b someone from my stupid days.But at the back of my mind i knew she would b maaggi,but ki karee paaji mummy is just 1m meter so i extended my acting session for another 1min and moved to the balcony.How comfortable you feel when you escape such situations, and for the first time i thanked my landlord for giving me this balcony. So dnt buy a flat with out a balcony.useless.

By the way….i have to go now for a walk.Uiiiii maaa.kya socha type kar donga kya saari baatein.huh.

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evening show

Posted by Anu on April 27, 2010

Again i want to write.what happened to me? Actually,only in the february i had planned that no matter how much i would b juggling between my work and personal life,it should nt affect my writing frequency.But then, you know things between me and cheergirls always have been so friendly since 1st IPL that i could nt manage to hurt them(If you dnt fathom the sort of analogies i put here or you find it totally bunkum, you find it Bronte) i cant help.Being exactly to the point has never been my cup of coffee.Anyways,notwithstanding, that i wrote some posts here.But now as the cheergirls have disappeared to some alien land what has given me enough time to write here as much as possible.Practice makes a man perfect.Not a woman.Sad.I dnt say.They say.So m practicing folks.

Talking about what i wrote in the past here, would b as interesting to me as a WWF wrestler’s interest in a Miss world Beauty contest.And honestly, i tell you, trust me, i forget things easily especially what i write here.And i m still not sure what me goin to write, shit.

Some times thoughts come to your mind without a strain on your head.Like an intellectual statement from my father which i always forget,pooor memory, but when the dark clouds dance over my head,me without taking any stress,accept such wisdoms and then start talking to him.Perhaps the only person in the world with whom i always interact high funda stuff. Usually i keep mum, you know,how smart i m when it comes to big things.

Normally our conversation travels from household things to IPL[(nt cheer girls:)] to my habit of goin to office without shaving.My mothers love for me what according to him is the only reason of me nt being able to find a match still..Wait, i talk to him about ‘writing’ also.Samjha Na.And an ant can feel nattier in front of an elephant more than me swapping words on writing with him.Seriously sister.I mean,how can i tell him, you know papa-someone left a comment on my blog telling me that your writing style is ‘unmatchable’.And he drops the cup of tea on the times of india newspaper and mummy comes up with a high tone and says-‘kya faltu ka baat karte rahte cant even tackle a cup’.And me out of my extreme stupidity would stand up seriously and say-mummy you go, this is something beyond ur level.And then she due to lack of anything, killing instruments around here, would yell-‘jada smart mat samjho…me too masters in hindi and patna university topper that too in late sixties.huh’.Chopping this high funda stuff now.hope you get the idea of my interactions with my father.i love it too much.More then cheergirls, i tell you.

You know i love songs.If there is anything which makes me to forget everything without a smash on the head with a hammer,its the song ‘mein yahan hoon yahan from veer-zara’.The more i see the i more confuse,you know now the reason behind all my past sins since 2004 october.after having experienced whatever i have,from the pain of losing someone to the smile of a stranger,from the time of having given someone a miss call to the horror of her mother picking up the call and calling me back,i have felt one thing.that i should nt ponder over about whats beyond my reach.

It is only my own expectation which hurt me.may b how to copy chetan bhagat’s writing.Kidding.may b how to convice a stranger that i m nt as funny as you mull.etc.

by the way,papa is calling me.hmmmmmmm.let me go now.i wll b back soon.with a lot of beautiful stuff keep reading!

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checking time..

Posted by Anu on January 5, 2017

Koi  ata  bhi  hai  yahan  abb?Hmmm.okay okay.chill.3-4  mahine  mein  kabhi kabhi  mood  freesh  karne?  nahi??  . anyway.Happy  new  year:)  keep   roaming    on the  net.n here  too.

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